The Heart of Ashtanga For Women TTC

The Heart of Ashtanga For Women ~ New Zealand is a NEW 100hr Yoga Alliance YACEP Advanced Training for Women which offers you the opportunity to live, breathe and explore the real depths of this graceful practice over a study period of four weeks. The course has a mystical feminine element and a strong focus on the Art Of Teaching. It is beneficial for those really wanting to serve in the world as inspiring teachers. It has a nourishing approach to the practice of Ashtanga that really honors women’s bodies and offers a more feminine approach to philosophy with juicy discussions on ancient texts and mystical poetry.

Bhakti Yoga heart opening practices are key on this training and include a variety of Hridaya meditations, devotional Kirtan, sacred movement, ritual and fire puja. Traditional Tantra brings alive the energy of The Mahavidyas and an understanding of what is sacred sexuality. As well as learning about how to become an inspiring teacher of Yoga, students delve into their own sadhana six days a week. Through this direct experience of the practice, you bear witness to the transformations that occur through yoga, giving rise to a natural inspiration to share this with others.

There will also be a strong segment in Jnana Yoga, or self enquiry to bring about the highest teachings of Yoga. The course is held in the community of B Prior who is a profound master of Non Duality and Tantra. B will offer his wisdom and powerful transmission at different points during the training.

This course really offers students the chance to learn authentic Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga as passed down by Sri K Pattabhi Jois with added depth. It will guide students how to journey inwardly from the physical to the energetic and beyond.

About Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Ashtanga Vinyasa is a unique style of yoga which incorporates a combination of deep Ujjayi breathing, bandhas and drishtis in every posture and is a key point in transforming the practice from a solely physical one into a profound moving meditation.

In the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga tradition there are 6 series of postures – Primary Series, Intermediate Series and Advanced A, B, C and D. During this course, we will be studying a large portion of the Primary series, also known in Sanskrit as Yoga Chikitsa meaning ‘yoga therapy’.

As we journey through the Primary Series and practice the asanas with dedication and focus, both the mind and the body go through an intense purification where the ability to be aware of oneself is strengthened. As the energy is sublimated during the practice, increased awareness or a feeling of devotion (bhavana) is cultivated in the heart and ultimately the student moves from being identified solely with the physical body and mind to the realization that ‘all is one’.