“This TTC changed me. It was exactly what I needed for my growth. Each day I woke up knowing ‘this is where I need to be!’ It offers knowledge and experiences that extend beyond the usual TTC. Lorraine led Ashtanga yoga with such grace and clarity. Her instruction guided us smoothly through Pranayama techniques and understanding the structural and energetic bodies of each yoga posture. We danced, we sang, meditated, shared, and healed all while learning about the Goddesses and working with their different energies daily. I am so thankful for the wisdom they shared from various backgrounds and lineages and for bringing together a group of beautiful, inspiring creative women.”

~ Natalie Pierson, USA
Yoga practitioner, Zero Balancing, Reiki, Meditation & Thai Yoga Massage


"I feel finally in touch with my femininity. I’ll be grateful to you until the end of my physical life and eternally with my soul. What I feel is so deep and profound, its hard to describe with words, its changing my world."

~ Elodie Geles, France
Yoga Teacher

“Great! Loved it! It gave me the deepest transformative experiences! I want to learn more, I will definitely continue my yoga in this direction.”

~ Alessandra Fijero, Chile
Musician, Artist


“Lorraine is a huge inspiration to me and introduced me to the joys of Ashtanga Yoga. I have been to many of her classes. She teaches with total commitment and compassion and I feel her energy strongly in every class. She teaches with tremendous grace and has the ability to transmit her clients into a deep meditative state, even when performing advanced postures. She has inspired me to learn more about Ashtanga Yoga and I hope that we can maintain contact in the future”.

~ Marta White, Poland
Personal Trainer

“Learning yoga with Lorraine is a profoundly joyous and deepening practice, she manages to bring humour and authenticity together with a genuine embodiment of stillness and the sacred.”

~ Eliza Kenyon, UK
Voice & Movement Facilitator, Singer/Songweaver


“Lorraine is an amazing Yoga teacher and a teacher of life itself. She very honestly relates her teachings and b acks them up with experiences from her life, which is beautiful, transparent, honest and makes the information more applicable for me in my everyday life. Where have I felt connected to and guided by the divine? When did I lose touch completely and only realized later what gifts the universe has given me to grow with? How can I be connected in all situations more and more? She very artfully incorporated the teachings of energy, chakras, the ten wisdom goddesses and many other things into her yoga asana classes, as well as pranayama and devotional singing. This benefited me greatly on a personal level, with a feeling of great trust in the undying, eternal love of the universal mother and father arising. Also as an aspiring teacher of yoga, her style was very inspirational to having an individual, feminine approach to teaching. Sometimes wild and energetic, soft and flowing, and bringing meditation to it all. Working with whatever is there. Thank you so much for all you have given to me to support me on my journey.”

~ Devi Anne Weiser, Germany
Physiotherapist, Traveler

"Experiencing this course means four weeks of pure being, without any 'why' or 'but' or 'if'. You get to know yourself in a way you never expected. Lorraine really knows how to hold space and to fill it with an energy full of love and wisdom. It's more than just Yoga. It's magic. 'Everything is divine' says Tantra. After the course you deeply feel this."

~ Regina Kurze, Germany

"Inspiring and compassionate yoga: full of art and heart in the midst of a serene and beautiful place we have been doing yoga with the Mahavidyas, exploring the workings of the universal forces within us and through us...a multisensory experience that gives way to integration and transformation."

~ Johanna Lauber, Austria

"I would recommend this 200 hour teacher training to any woman who is looking for transformation and to reconnect with her heart and her true being. With her deep knowing and her wide experience about the yogic path Lorraine touched something deep in my heart. Something well known but long lost. Apart from the Ashtanga Vinyasa practice that I came for and in which I can tell Lorraine knows exactly what she's talking about from her own experiences and practice, I definitely got in touch with my feminine aspects. Lorraine encourages us to find our own ways in experiencing our different qualities and accepting them into our lives. Many thanks to you Lorraine, you've got your place in my heart!"

~ Isabelle Naef, Switzerland

"From the moment I saw this Yoga training I knew it was for me. Lorraine is a gifted teacher and alchemist who weaves together a beautiful unfolding journey to take you directly into your own heart through yoga and chanting. I feel blessed to have had this experience and it has deeply inspired and nurtured me. Thank you again."

~ Helen Oates, UK

"Lorraine's yoga TTC, which I have just completed in Thailand, is an amazing, unique experience which I would encourage every woman to participate in. Lorraine's passion not only for yoga but for her students is unquestionable. The course is meticulously planned & perfectly taught. Her special guest teachers are talented, experienced & passionate about contributing to this process.

Lorraine's knowledge, dedication & compassion, delivered with warmth and support, enabled us to pursue our quest to be who & what we really are. It makes this course a must- do for all women living in the modern world with its challenges, stereotypes & endless demands.

She possesses the unrivalled ability to cut through the layers of protection we place around ourselves to reveal the real woman beneath. Drawing out the confidence in each student to allow them to move forward & achieve whatever they want for the future.

I came to the course for the yoga, however I left with so much more than I had ever imagined possible. Knowledge, personal growth, contentment, amazing new friends & a deeper understanding of who I am. My respect for Lorraine & this course is beyond doubt, she weaves her magic and each student ends the course with new vitality & excitement for the possibilities of life."

~ Alexandra Caulfield, UK