• Glastonbury
  • United Kingdom

The Yoga Of Wisdom & Devotion For Women

Glastonbury, United Kingdom

9 - 22nd August

100 Hour Advanced Teacher Training

YACEP Certification

This 100-hour Advanced Training is part of a series of depth-courses devoted to the continuing development for the qualified teacher or advanced practitioner.

‘The Yoga Of Devotion & Wisdom For Women’ explores authentic Tantra, Jnana, and Bhakti Yoga in detail.

This training unfolds from the dynamic still point between practice and presence, between experience and concept, between the sacred, and the beautifully irreverent.

With expert guidance and support, we will let go of striving and with gentleness and commitment, deepen into, and then go beyond, the forms of our practice. With concentration and sweet, wild abandon, we will release into the realms of the non~dual, offering our bodies, hearts and minds to the field of true yogic wisdom

This journey into the true Self will include: asana, pranayama, meditation, voice~work, chanting, satsang, self enquiry, movement, sacred dance, rituals, fire, sharing circles and spending time on the rich and mystical lands of Avalon.

Our guest teachers have been chosen for their authenticity, aspiration and years of dedication to their practice. All of the women who are sharing on this training are radical yoginis who have spent over 25 years or more exploring their particular current in the broad river that is yoga.

Through this journey, you will be infused with an experiential knowing of how to move more consciously in your yoga practice, of what yoga truly is, and ultimately, who you truly are.

The Schedule

7.00-10.00am Yoga Sadhana with Lorraine
10.00-11.30am Breakfast
11.30-1.30pm Jnana Yoga
1.00-4.00pm Lunch Break
4.00-6.30pm Bhakti Yoga & Tantric Philosophy ~ Mahavidyas and Vijnana Bhairava Tantra
7.00-8.30pm Dinner
8.30-10.00pm Evening program will include Devotional Kirtan or Satsang