A festival in a magnificent Georgian mansion on a hilltop setting. It is surrounded by 60 acres of rolling woodland overlooking the Boyne Valley in the East of Ireland. The location is strikingly beautiful and peaceful and is surrounded by forests and walkways that will restore your natural balance.

Over 20 senior international & local teachers and healers are coming together to share wisdom, experience and their knowledge with you. The experience will feature over 8 workshops & classes per day in a wide variety of styles. Classes will be lead by teachers who have done many years of teaching and practice, to ensure your experience at The Celtic Woodland Yoga Festival is of the highest nature.

This festival has been created by yogis to help join us together to learn, teach, exchange ideas and enjoy a healthy weekend of practice and fun. It is a great opportunity for you to find new teachers and explore new styles of yoga and expand out of your comfort zone into a whole new world of practice.

It is a “Conscious Festival” free from alcohol, that is based around healthy and conscious living, yoga practice and connected community. During this special event, we will gather together a group of open-minded, talented and aware people to share ideas, teachings and wisdom. This gathering has been created in response to a call to be a part of the shaping of the future yoga as we know it. The founding teachers, presenters and spiritual educators involved in this event have all been embracing the yoga lifestyle for 20 years or more.

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Lorraine will be offering a special class on Women's Tantra entitled 'The Intimate Embrace Of Shiva & Shakti" which is a deep dive into our internal worlds and how to approach yoga in a balanced way of uniting energy and consciousness in the practice. It will also look at how the feminine shape loves to move fluidly, shape shifting through the asanas (postures) without any push or force, undoing tensions and patterns and expressing the totality of who we are.

Lorraine is also scheduled to give a separate talk on this topic during the festival and will also be joining a panel of teachers to discuss what yoga truly is. This will be spread out over the whole festival. Exact times to be confirmed soon!

Address: Townley Hall, Co Louth, Ireland